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michael ryan

  • Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership & Executive Coaching, Kingstown College, 2020
  • QQI Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice & Ethics, Kingstown College, 2020
  • TTI Success Insights Ireland – training in Behavioural Analysis, DISC, Driving Forces and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Certified in the use of various psychometric instruments with senior leaders including WISER™ assessments (Personality, Leadership Profile, Skills, Values)
  • Member European Mentoring and Coaching Council Ireland (EMCC)

Experience in one to one coaching

Executive Coaching ExperienceMichael is a highly experienced senior leadership coach and mentor, combining his practical experience from a successful 20-year career in operational and executive management with best practice coaching techniques to help clients gain clarity, develop greater awareness and understanding and find a path forward for both themselves and the challenges that they face. Michael has a strong background in people development and throughout his career has always aimed to create an environment of encouragement and support for people to develop and grow. He is particularly skilled at working with people to help them understand their values, driving forces and behaviours. He has worked with a range of people across all levels and sectors, supporting them through coaching conversations, helping them gain greater clarity, develop new perspectives and create practical strategies to move forward.

School Leader Coaching Experience – Since 2011 Michael has been Chairperson of the Board of Management of a rural primary school where he has first-hand experience, understanding and knowledge of the realities faced by school principals and leaders. In this role he has a deep understanding of the importance of the whole school team working together in harmony towards a clear and shared vision for the school. He is also familiar with key DES frameworks including LAOS and DES guidance. During his time as Chair of the Board of Management he has been involved in the recruitment and appointment of two principals and a number of other teachers and post holders. He has worked successfully with newly-appointed principals to support them as the school transitioned and as new staff and post holders were appointed. He has also provided support and guidance during a significant capital building project in the school which transformed the facilities. An empathetic listener, he uses his coaching skills in a supportive and encouraging manner to focus on:

– Improved leadership skills and capabilities 

– Developing practical strategies to cope with change

– Building confidence

– Increased self-awareness

– Effective delegation while encouraging ownership and responsibility

–  Development of effective communication, listening and feedback skills 

–  Understanding the importance of building and maintaining good relationships

–  Buy-in for school values and vision

–  The importance of teams


Team Coaching Experience – Michael has worked with teams across various organisations across both the public and private sector to help them clarify team objectives, gain greater understanding of each other’s role in working towards delivering on the objectives and celebrating success together. In his role as Chair of Board of Management of primary school, Michael has a deep understanding of the importance of the whole school team working together towards a shared vision. He understands the importance of the relationships between the Board, ISM and staff and the realities of managing and running a primary school. He also understands the importance of the school team having clear and regular communication with the wider school community. He is familiar with key Department of Education and Science Frameworks such as LAOS, SSE and the value and importance of Distributed Leadership within the school environment.

In his work with teams Michael has used his skills to focus on:

– Enhanced understanding of the importance of a strong and cohesive team 

– Sharing values

– The power of collaboration

–  Building trust 

–  Clear and honest communication

–  Sharing and celebrating success

–  Understanding other perspectives


“As Coordinator of Primary Education for 162 primary schools I have worked with Michael in his role as chairperson of a Board of Management for the last 10 years. He has successfully led his school through a series of significant changes and has played a key role in helping two young principals achieve their potential as strong and able school leaders. He has a keen understanding of the current educational landscape, the need for a clear vision for the school and the ability to enable all stakeholders to navigate the journey towards its successful implementation.”

Diocese Coordinator for Primary Education

“Michael brought wonderful listening skills and asked the questions that enabled me to gain greater clarity about my career, where I wanted to be and why I wanted to be there. He helped me gain confidence in my abilities, and successfully coached me through a promotion. When faced with new challenges, a call with Michael helps me find the way forward.”

Senior Corporate Leader
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