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Change is certain and inevitable!

Kotter’s research suggests that less than 30% of change initiatives succeed.  Reasons for the failure vary but typically, they have one thing in common – a focus on the change process rather than the people affected.

To remain competitive businesses today need to find new ways to continuously change, renew and adapt. Continuous transformation is the new norm.
Organisational change may mean downsizing or job loss.  However, in increasingly dynamic business environments, it means new work practices, process improvements, integration of new technologies and smarter ways of working.

Whilst employees are becoming more accustomed to change, it can still be among the most stressful experiences that individuals go through. Employees will worry about their future and question “What’s in it for Me” and “How do I fit into the Change Vision”?

By properly supporting both your leaders and employees at all levels, you can build confidence in the change and maximise productivity and engagement both during and after the event.

CDT brings 25 years of change management and leadership development expertise to bear when designing our Organisational Transformation Programmes.  We help organisations, leaders and employees to prepare for, respond to and thrive through change.

CDT partners with organisations to address the steps that are critical to the achievement of change project outcomes.

We work with clients to:

  • Define their change strategy
  • Create Action Plans that support timely and effective implementation
  • Develop Communications
  • Coach Managers to effectively lead the change
  • Provide Career Planning/Career Decision Making Programmes for Employees

CDT’s Organisational Transformation Programmes will help you to achieve your change goals by developing an agile, flexible and motivated workforce. We build capabilities, develop skills and competencies which minimise resistance and ensure your change initiative is successful.

Our services are customised to suit specific client requirements and are focused on winning the hearts, minds and commitment of employees.

Our range of programmes include:

  • Project Management & Planning
  • Coaching for Managers on Breaking the News
  • Coaching for Managers on Leading the Change
  • On-site Notification/Counselling support in the case of downsizing/job loss
  • Psychometric Assessments & Profiling
  • Career Planning/Career Decision Making Programmes
  • Re-deployment Programmes
  • Outplacement Programmes which include:
  1. Self-Marketing Programmes
  2. Entrepreneur Programmes
  3. Retirement Programmes

Organisational re-structuring can be a challenging, complex and emotive time. Remaining employees need attention and departing employees must be treated with dignity and respect. Whether you are downsizing or merging, there’s a lot at stake.

However, with the right support it can lead to a positive outcome for all involved.

CDT’s has a specialist expertise in supporting companies going through organisational change. With 23years experience we fully understand the range of issues that need to be considered, planned for and manged to:  mitigate risk – protect the brand and reputation – maintain morale and business continuity throughout the process.

Our Career Transition Programmes are tailored to meet the needs of both the organisation and individuals.  We partner with clients to provide careful planning and flawless implementation to ensure successful results. We support people to let go of the past, deal with the present and embrace the future. With the expert guidance of our Career Transition Coaches we enable employees to move forward with confidence and successfully navigate their personal transition.

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