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Today’s leaders need to be outstanding individuals who create standards of excellence and lead by example for others to follow. They need to inspire and harness the energy and potential of their teams, foster collaboration and empower others to achieve outstanding results.

Leadership is about getting the best from your people and teams.  Great leaders have a significant impact on individual performance and the success of an organisation.

CDT’s customised Leadership Development Programmes enable participants to become respected and effective leaders who are equipped with the skills, competencies and confidence to perform at their very best.  We will work with you to determine your leadership requirements and our range of bespoke programmes are focused on building leadership capabilities that are aligned to your business strategy and goals.

CDT’s highly personalised and flexible approach together with our expertise in Leadership Development Coaching, Team Building, Leadership Assessments and Feedback will transform the way your Leaders think, feel and act.  So whether your Leadership Team  is newly formed or is well established but facing new challenges, CDT’s personalised Leadership Development Programmes will transform performance and enable your workforce to flourish.

Our suite of customised Leadership Development Programmes include:

CDT’s comprehensive and highly practical programme connects the challenges Leaders face every day with the essential skills they need to deliver high performance leadership. The hallmark of the programme is our highly experiential, interactive delivery style which creates the critical link between learning and practice.

Our proven methodology maximises and embeds the learning, enhances leader’s effectiveness and impact. It equips them with the knowledge and skills to achieve lasting results through people. The Diploma in High Performance Leadership is accredited at NFQ Level 8 by Dublin Institute of Technology.

Our accredited “Manager as Coach” programme focuses on developing Manager’s capabilities in managing and coaching their team. It equips them with the skills, competencies and knowledge to lead with confidence. Managers are empowered to conduct constructive and impactful coaching conversations that develop and engage employees and drive organisational performance and success.

Recent studies (Career Partners International) demonstrate that organisations that provide professional development in coaching for their Managers result in:

  • 33%  increase in employee engagement
  • 133% improvement in business results

The “Manager As Coach” programme equips Managers with the skills, qualities and behaviours of an effective coach.  These new skills will strengthen their ability to positively impact employee motivation, engagement and productivity.

Employees today operate within an uncertain and ambiguous environment of continuous and rapid change. Organisations that support their employees to pro-actively manage their career development will benefit from a workforce that is energised, engaged and highly productive.

Your employees have their own personal aspirations and goals. On the other hand, your organisation has its strategic goals. CDT’s Career Development initiatives provide structured, focused and planned programmes (Individual and/or Group Workshops) which enable your employees to align their individual career goals with the organisational goals. Sometimes this means the opportunity to get involved in new projects or advance into new roles. Sometimes it means the opportunity to develop new skills. And sometimes it means the opportunity to do the same job in new ways (new work practices).  Working with our expert career coaches we will design career management and career planning programmes to meet the needs of your organisation and employees. The Career Management Programme will result in re-vitalised and re-engaged employees.

CDT’s Career Development Programmes enable employees to:

  • Identify their strengths and talents
  • Optimise their career development and job satisfaction
  • Define their career goals
  • Complete an action plan to help them achieve these goals

Our proven methodologies and team of expert coaches will ensure that your employees are engaged, resilient and committed to the achievement of business goals.

Our suite of Career Development Programmes include:

  • Career Decision Making Programmes
  • Career Planning Programmes
  • Career Management Programmes

Successful organisations need a high performing workforce which demonstrates the competencies necessary to meet the organisation’s strategic goals. It is imperative, therefore, to develop talent against a defined competency framework to achieve success. Talent Development Centres are a systematic and rigorous approach to measuring, assessing and developing competencies for the purpose of promotion, development and succession planning.

A Talent Development Centre will ensure you have a pipeline of talent that is ready, willing and able to lead and manage your organisation through the uncertainty, volatility and complexity that defines today’s market place.

CDT understands that key talent is essential for your sustainable business success and 25 years experience in developing people puts us in a great position to work with you to co-create a tailored Talent Development Centre that meet your needs.

The combination of our expert team, world-class assessments, rigorous observation and feedback will enable you to map the future development of individuals and build a high quality talent pipeline.

Teams are the critical engine for driving organisational performance and often despite their best efforts, teams struggle to work effectively. With increasing complexity of challenges and a rising pace of change, no organisation can afford to ignore the potential power of highly functioning teams.

High performing teams share not only common objectives, they also share trust, commitment, and a sense of accountability to achieve results through positive collaboration.

CDT’s Team Effectiveness Programmes facilitate the creation, development and on-going growth of high performing teams. Using proven profiling assessments, we create a deep awareness and understanding of the different personality types and how these can be leveraged individually and collectively to achieve goals.

Our approach combines proven methodologies, Personal Profiling and feedback, workshops and 1:1 expert coaching to help break down silos, foster collaboration and create cohesive and effective teams.

CDT’s Team Effectiveness Programme will build your teams capacity for effective action, strengthen team dynamics and optimise performance.

All Team Building Programmes are customised to address each organisation’s particular needs.

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