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With the constantly increasing pace of change in the business world it is more challenging than ever to recruit, develop and retain key talent. So whether you are attempting to develop the existing workforce, attract new talent or ensure that the right people are in the right job, we can help you make the best decisions and put you miles ahead of the competition.

CDT’s world-class profiling, talent assessments and recruitment tools will take the guesswork out of your talent decisions, maximise your investment and drive business performance.

The cornerstone of all of CDT’s Coaching Programmes is our Career Profiling – CareerDecisionMaker™ which provides a thorough assessment of each individual’s Values, Interest, Personality and Skills.

CareerDecisionMaker –  participants complete scientific psychometric assessments which provide reliable and accurate information that enables them to gain an in-depth understanding of themselves and informs decision-making. On completion of the psychometric assessments, individuals receive a comprehensive Profile Report that contains detailed information on:

  • Personality – measures behavioural preferences at work across five domains: relationships with others, approaches to work and tasks, thinking and decision making style.  Personality strengths and development needs are also highlighted.
  • Skills – identifies the strongest and most highly motivated skills, identifies skills which can cause the individual to become demotivated  and identifies skills to be developed
  • Interests – Highlights what a person is naturally drawn towards and most interested in
  • Values – Highlights what is most important to the employee and what motivates him/her to succeed.
    CDT’s proven and validated assessments together with our dynamic coaching programmes will empower individuals to pursue their career goals with confidence and realise their aspirations.

What’s the difference between filling a position and finding the right talent? The former carries a high risk of turnover, while the latter contributes to profitability and achievement of corporate objectives.  CDT understands the difference.

Recruit2Fit™ will help you identify people with the right capabilities and cultural fit to deliver optimal business results.  Our reliable, accurate and scientific psychometric assessments will take the guesswork out of your talent decisions.

We know from experience that the challenge for recruiting companies is to measure those aspects of behaviour that cannot be measured by other techniques yet are crucial to strong performance.  It is important to understand what someone can do today but also what they are capable of tomorrow – their potential.

Whatever your hiring objectives, we are here to support and guide you to achieve them. We will work with you to attract and select the best people while minimising the time and cost involved.

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