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From Executives to high potential employees, coaching is an effective means of enhancing performance and reaching higher levels of leadership and organisational effectiveness.

Our focus at CDT is to help leaders and businesses succeed. We take the time to understand the complex and challenging environment in which Executives and Leaders operate.

CDT’s Coaching Programmes are customised to the meet the needs of individuals at all levels from CEO’s, Executives, Directors, Senior & Mid-level Managers.

We coach to the client’s agenda and enable leaders to develop competencies and behaviours that are essential for organisational success. With the support of our expert team of Executive Coaches, leaders will be empowered to optimise their performance, maximise their potential and achieve their goals.

We have a range of Coaching Programmes that support:

  • Established Leaders who want to take their performance to the next level
  • Leaders who are navigating significant change
  • Newly appointed Leaders who are trying to get up to speed in the shortest possible time
  • Team  development, coherence and performance
  • The identification and development of High Potentials
  • Career Planning & Development


Our bespoke and discreet Executive Coaching Programmes enable already accomplished Leaders to take their performance to the next level and achieve outstanding results. Whether a Leader wants to re-focus their leadership goals, achieve breakthroughs on key leadership challenges, develop new leadership skills – CDT will provide outstanding coaching which will accelerate results, increase impact and performance.

The newly appointed leader faces many new challenges: Increased job complexity, expanded responsibility, increased expectations, navigating office politics and managing different team dynamics.

With the proper support, the newly promoted will successfully navigate their transition and will grow, mature and succeed in their new roles.

CDT’s Ex-celerating Success Programmes are customised to meet the needs of the Executive/Senior Leader and their leadership goals. Our programmes are anchored in the real world realities of the role and delivered by our accomplished coaches who understand the unique challenges these leaders face every day. We will enable each individual to take their performance to the next level, master new skills and reach higher levels of organisational effectiveness.

At CDT, our focus is to propel the success of the Leader and to expedite their contribution to strategic achievement and business success.

Our High Potential Coaching programmes are aimed at those who have the potential for significant roles in your organisation in the future. These tailored programmes are focused on accelerating the development and leadership skills of your most promising upcoming leaders. We will help your emerging talent to identify and address development needs, acquire new levels of confidence and hone their skills for future success. We will help you to harness and retain key talent.

The pressure to perform is huge in today’s highly competitive business world.  Top athletes and artists all have coaches to help them achieve peak performance.  Your Leaders deserve the same development and support.  Our highly experienced and commercially savvy Coaches will provide a confidential and objective sounding board to help Leaders overcome barriers and achieve outstanding results.

Leadership Team  Coaching is aimed at anyone whose role it is to encourage and develop a team. The ability to coach has become an imperative business skill. Leaders need the skills, flexibility and adaptability to change style and approach to meet the unique needs of a diverse range of individuals and situations. Our programme focuses on developing a coaching style of leadership together with the mindset and attitude needed to create the environment where others are empowered to achieve.

With the expert help of our coaches, leaders are strongly positioned to leverage individual and collective talent to deliver outstanding business results.

Career Coaching is widely recognised as an effective development tool which can be used by individuals at a variety of junctures:

  • Career crossroads and needing clarity, direction and focus
  • Career Change  – defining uniqueness and value proposition
  • Exiting an organisation – identifying transferable skills & talents, building a professional and high impact CV and creating a job search strategy
  • Career progression and development – showcasing marketable skills and maximising opportunities

The cornerstone of all of CDT’s Career Coaching Services is our Career Profiling which provides a thorough assessment of each individual’s Values, Interest, Personality and Skills – CareerDecisionMaker™
CareerDecisionMaker –  participants complete scientific psychometric assessments which provide reliable and accurate information that enables them to gain an in-depth understanding of themselves and informs decision-making. On completion of the psychometric assessments, individuals receive a comprehensive Profile Report that contains detailed information on:

  1. Personality – measures behavioural preferences at work across five domains: relationships with others, approaches to work and tasks, thinking and decision making style.  Personality strengths and development needs are also highlighted.
  2. Skills – identifies the strongest and most highly motivated skills, identifies skills which can cause the individual to become demotivated  and identifies skills to be developed
  3. Interests – Highlights what a person is naturally drawn towards and most interested in
  4. Values – Highlights what is most important to the employee and what motivates him/her to succeed.

CDT’s proven and validated assessments together with our dynamic coaching programmes will empower individuals to pursue their career goals with confidence and realise their aspirations.

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